How We Work

IAR’s brand of partnership is based in a core belief that great minds think alike, we just don’t all know the same stuff. You teach us, we teach you, we learn and build together.


From end-to-end or at any point in the process, we bring a solid suite of communication skills, methods and discipline to the job.

  • Strategy and Structure
    • Original brand and message architecture establishes a strong and stable framework to build on and guardrails to keep the work on track.
  • Writing and Editing
    • Our core strength is the ability to craft and sell the story in any format for any audience.
  • Organization and Management
    • Because we’ve built and run marketing and communications departments in public and private enterprises, we put extra priority on teamwork and process to minimize stress on the system and maximize the return on workflow.


Whether you’re a media company or a marketing agency, a business on the move or an advocate on a mission, we’ve probably sat in your seat or across the table from you. We’ve told and sold brand stories from every angle, and know how to navigate organizations — people, process, priorities, even politics — with focus and purpose.


What do you want to achieve, and how will you measure success? In our experience, from SMEs to Fortune 100 companies the answer is always revenue, profit, productivity and brand: make more, keep more, work smarter and define it all on your terms.

Here are some of the ways we’ve delivered against these metrics for our clients:  


  • Created and managed products and services that opened new business channels and generated significant incremental returns
  • Conceived, designed and directed sales campaigns and promotional programs that grew the top line and gave the sales force extra selling confidence


  • Brought previously outsourced operations in house and evolved products and services to cut costs without compromising capabilities, quality or impact
  • Routinely operated with no additional marketing budget or were self-funded by new revenue-generating brand marketing initiatives


  • Built departments that raised the bar for marketing and communications as a strategic asset, not just sales support 
  • Taught and trained best practices, facilitated cross-pollination of staff/departments to break down silos, encourage teamwork, promote innovation and strengthen culture


  • Redefined and repositioned brands for market advantage
  • Designed or redesigned websites to improve user experience, increase user traffic and engagement, generate more qualified leads 
  • Leveraged thought-leadership, insight and news for meaningful, measurable media attention 
  • Negotiated and managed strategic partnerships to heighten awareness and strengthen credibility in target markets 
  • Worked directly with C-Suite to position companies for M&A